Supplies To Start Painting with Watercolors

By Karina Gonzalez

Are you thinking about starting to paint with watercolors and have no idea where to start? Keep reading to discover all the supplies necessary to begin painting with watercolors today. Some of these might already be laying around your house!


Paper is one of the most important watercolor supplies for any watercolor artist because it makes it easier to obtain greater results than with low quality paper. If you splurge on anything, splurge on paper. The best known and most trusted and tried brand is Arches 140lb (300 gsm) 100% cotton watercolor paper. My recommendation for beginners has always been 100% cotton cold pressed watercolor paper. Read my blog on paper: click here!

Watercolor Paint:

There are many affordable watercolor paints to try as a beginner. Reeves Watercolor Paints 10ml tubes are very affordable, if you are willing to spend a little more Windsor & Newton Cotman watercolor tubes are a nicer option.

Mixing Palette:

A white ceramic palette is best because plastic palettes get stained easily. Ceramic dinner plates work amazingly as palettes.


It is recommended that a beginner should stay clear of artist grade brushes because they can be easily ruined by the inexperienced hand. Synthetic Artist Loft Brand brushes are affordable and come in a handy pack.

Water Containers:

2 water jars preferably made of glass. With a volume of more than 50 ml and a big opening. The more volume, the less time needed to change dirty water for clean water while painting. (Warning: Make sure to use the jars exclusively for painting, some paints can be toxic.)

Masking Tape

Masking tape is very important. All you need is the regular everyday beige type. One roll of masking tape can last for months. This tape will be used to tape down watercolor and prevent buckling.

Paper Towels:

Paper towels are very absorbent and are used to absorb excess water from brush.

See how easy it is? Paper, watercolor paint, watercolor brushes, masking tape, a mixing palette, water containers, and paper towels are the necessary supplies to begin painting with watercolors. Many of these supplies are likely to be in your house already. Happy painting!

Published by Karina Gonzalez

Watercolor artist, lover of beauty and life.

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